Counting the Days

The weather in northern Ohio is always a mystery. Would I have it any other way? I'm not sure. I enjoy relaying the often bizarre weather reports to friends and relatives who escaped to the sunny south. Snow on Easter, I tell them. It's no big deal. The sun seekers just shake their heads, sigh and turn up the air conditioner.

The Indians are in Arizona for spring training and the Oscars have come and gone so there is hope that soon we will begin to see some sunny days. Clevelanders are now in the process of counting the days until St. Patrick's Day and searching for that first crocus to poke its petals out of the ground. Spring will bring a welcome relief from the hardships of this long, cold, snowy winter.

When I'm snowed in for several days, developing a bad case of cabin fever, I may feel envy for those who were tired of the cold and snow and moved to warmer climates. Just when I'm ready to start looking for an escape plan for myself, the sun will shine, the trees will blossom and the soft breeze from the lake will remind me just how much I love my hometown.

Nothing can replace the beauty of the changing seasons. I just need to keep that in mind as I outfit myself in boots, winter coat, gloves and scarf one more time. Spring is really right around the corner. Today I'm just not certain I can wait that long.

Dianne Borowski

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 5, Posted 9:47 AM, 03.04.2014