Imagine That

Westlake resident Amie Volle wrote this in 1993 at age 15, just before she was badly injured in an accident. She volunteers at the Knickerbocker two times a week, and the residents look forward to her visits. Many of the poem's themes are still relevant 20 years later.

Imagine that the air was clean,
the water fresh,
the grass so green.

Imagine that school was fun,
work was easy,
our job was done.

Imagine that there was peace,
a world without drugs,
the war would cease.

Imagine that life was fair,
we were equal,
people would care.

Imagine that the streets were safe,
gangs were friendly,
you don't need mace.

Imagine that the flowers bloomed,
the birds chirped,
the sun loomed.

Imagine that we weren't in debt,
politicians honest,
our goals met.

Imagine that unemployment was down,
homeless had homes
Iraq knew its grounds.

Imagine that no fighting would be done,
in love and harmony
the world was one.


Amie Volle


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Volume 6, Issue 8, Posted 10:15 AM, 04.15.2014