Time to prepare for warmer weather and outdoor pets

According to county records, there are currently 1,075 licensed dogs in Bay Village this year. From April 2013 until April 10, 2014, Bay Village police responded to 692 animal calls. That averages to 58 calls a month. 

Calls for assistance with animals will rise like the temperatures as our four-legged family members are now able to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and fresh smells. Bay Village police remind residents of the importance of contacting them at 440-871-1234 for any and all animal incidents. It is important and helpful to document this activity and to provide the correct guidance and/or interaction as needed and if available. 

Fashionable and reasonably priced signs for gates to remind workers and visitors to please keep the gate closed will save you from stress and possible heartache. Mother Nature has been known to blow open a few gates, knock down fencing and create power outages and dead batteries in collars to play havoc with pet containment. If you have a digger, or a dog like I do that thinks he is Spiderman, make sure to consider training options or ensuring security breaches are evaluated on a regular basis. Consider a lock for the gate or gadget that will secure the gate from blowing open if left ajar. Check gates on a regular basis for peace of mind.  

Pet owners should also ensure current identification and county license tag as they are mandated by the city and county. License tags can be purchased at Discount Drug Mart, Landmark and the county's website at fiscalofficer.cuyahogacounty.us. Most pet stores now have machines where you can create your own tag of any size, shape, color and detailed information. Not a bad idea for the felines of Bay Village and Westlake either. Special quick-release collars are available for owners concerned that their cats might get hung up on something.   

Tags can and should also be on electronic fence collars. Remember to change and check those electronic fence collar batteries as you do your smoke alarm batteries. Mark the yard with flags as reminder to landscapers so they do not accidentally clip the line ... and know that chipmunks and other local critters have a tendency to chomp on those lines and create the opportunity for a runaway dog. Never believe that your dog won't leave the yard if given the opportunity, or that he/she is totally trained without the electronic collar and can be left unsupervised. More times then naught, that is when a pet will leave the yard for an adventure.  

As summer storms approach, make sure to also insure your pets are provided for and included in your family safety preparedness plans. Consider carrying an extra leash and some treats if you feel comfortable to assist a lost pet until the police can arrive to aid the situation.

If considering a new four-legged family member consider the rescue adoption option. Many local rescues and shelters have an abundance of adoptable pets in need of forever homes and volunteers. Also remember the importance of spaying, neutering and current vaccines to provide the necessary protection for pets and adhere to city and county mandated ordinances.

For additional information and assistance you can visit the Friends of the Bay Village Kennel website at www.friendsofbayvillagekennel.com.

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Volume 6, Issue 8, Posted 10:23 AM, 04.15.2014