Mobile studio brings yoga to you

Rose Sabin, left, and daughter-in-law Natalie Sabin are partners in Soul Stretch, Cleveland's first mobile yoga studio.

The idea to start a mobile yoga business began over a year ago when Rose Sabin, my mother-in-law, and I found ourselves talking about yoga and how it has changed our lives in a positive way. I have been practicing for over a decade and teaching since 2008 and have a degree in health sciences. Rose has owned and operated a successful local advertising agency for the last two decades. Plus, she has four years of yoga experience.

Combining our knowledge and experience, we realized it was time to blow the doors off of yoga and give the people of Cleveland something new. The mobile yoga concept is new to Cleveland, but not new to other cities. Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are already home to many pop-up yoga studios.

We make yoga convenient by bringing it out of the traditional studio and into the community where people are already going. We partner with local businesses such as BAYarts, Crocker Park, fitness centers, wineries, schools and more. Our classes are excellent for students of all levels, whether a novice looking for a non-intimidating place to start or for the seasoned practitioner looking to deepen their practice.

Soul Stretch Mobile Yoga classes are unpretentious and all inclusive. We believe the practice of yoga already exists inside you and it begins right where you are. We simply bring yoga to interesting locations so each person can experience it in their own unique way. 

For more information, class schedules and rates, please visit our website at:

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 9:43 AM, 04.29.2014