Village Bicycle Cooperative among local groups participating in May 22 safety fair

On Thursday, May 22, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Dwyer Center, 300 Bryson Lane, there will be a Safety Fair sponsored by the city of Bay Village. Police chief Mark Spaetzel spearheaded the Safety Fair as a community outreach program to provide free information on organizations that provide assistance and activities within the city. 

“This will be a great opportunity for citizens of Bay to come together and gather safety information from many organizations," Chief Spaetzel said. "There are plans to continue these events in the city to bring the community closer.”

Representatives from local agencies – including the Bay Village police and fire departments, Bay Family Services, the Westshore Enforcement Bureau, Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, Cleveland Clinic, CERT, American Red Cross and Ohio Department of Natural Resources – will be on hand with information and materials.

Another of the participating organizations is Village Bicycle Cooperative. VBC will be there to answer questions, provide information about the laws (which promote safer cycling) and brochures. VBC was instrumental this year in changing the biking ordinances for Bay Village which contribute to making Bay a better biking community. Patrick McGannon and Carl Gonzalez from VBC will be present to answer inquiries about these changes and other questions such as correct helmet and bike size.

Chief Spaetzel told me that the police department has donated many lost and unclaimed bikes to VBC. Free bike registration is available at the police department and VBC. Pat McGannon says about the ordinance changes: “The city’s bike registration, which Bay residents are encouraged to use, helps the police department find the owners of recovered bicycles.”

Could you pass a test on bike safety?  Here are some sample questions:

Answer true or false.

  1. Sidewalk riding is prohibited.
  2. Parents must review all laws with their children.
  3. Earphones may be worn in both ears.
  4. Always ride against traffic.
  5. Street riding is legal on all streets.

Come to the Safety Fair for answers to these questions and others. We look forward to seeing you and sharing the road with you.

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Volume 6, Issue 10, Posted 9:53 AM, 05.13.2014