When I Was a Little Girl

My Daddy took me to the park
In the park was a kiddie pool
Daddy brought my bathing suit
He also brought a towel along
He thought he was well prepared
But you shall see how well he fared.

In a little dressing room with a bench
He put me in my bathing suit
And let me walk into the pool
In the middle of the pool a fountain splashed away
Oh what fun on a warm summer day
A wonderful place for little ones to play.

After playing in the water for quite awhile
I was only two and having so much fun
When it was time to go
Daddy called me to come
But I thought to myself, "I'm no fool"
I was not ready to leave the pool.

So poor Daddy took off his shoes and socks
And rolled his pant legs up
He walked in to get me out
Then got me dressed and turned about
And then to his surprise
When he looked again, guess what?

There I was back in the pool
Like I said, I was no fool
So from then on who took me to the pool?
Hmm – what to do?
Daddy decided he was no fool
Mommy was stuck taking me to the pool!

Carol Janovsky

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 13, Posted 9:14 AM, 06.24.2014