What bugs us?

Take care while enjoying the last of this season’s blooms; stinging insects tend to be more aggressive in late summer and early fall. Photo by Egon Luengo

Many bugs – especially mosquitoes, sweat bees, gnats, flies and midges – that persistently pursue us, bug us. Beneficial bugs, like bees, bug us when they sting, to put it mildly. Keeping in mind that stinging insects are more aggressive in late summer and early fall, it’s a good idea to swap cut-offs and flip flops for slacks, socks and shoes when walking in grassy areas. Swatting at stinging insects increases chances that we’ll soon be smarting!

Bugs in the house and ants in the pantry can join the list. What about moths in our woolens? Holy moley! (Shouldn’t that be “holey” moley?)

It’s little wonder that the word “bug” describes something that annoys or bothers us.

What about litterbugs? While they’re not as prevalent in Westlake and Bay Village as in other communities where fewer residents are mindful of community beautification and property upkeep, we have our share, just the same. A pretty good hunch is that many are adolescents.  Parents, please talk to your kids! Keeping our area litter-free improves property values and the desirability of our communities!

Speaking of bugs, now that September has arrived, we’ll hear more about the flu bug. While some Westshore residents are diligent about getting their flu shots, others are not. Take heed: not unlike an insect hitting the windshield, once you catch the flu head-on, it’s too late.  Splat!

Certain people may not be too keen about the bugs that monitor our conversations. While such surveillance devices have been around for many moons, there’s no indication that their disappearance is imminent. Yet, the notion of bugs can bug well-meaning people who would never intend any harm or wrongdoing.

October is knocking on the door, signaling the approach of cooler weather. We all know what follows! Come winter, we’ll all be hoping to be as snug as a bug in a rug, which is actually rather nice and can be struck from the list of what bugs us.

Also off the list is the jitterbug. The dance of a bygone era is still enjoyed by those who are still up to its quick pace and ballroom dance students alike.

Another perennial favorite nearly as old as the jitterbug that deserves a pardon from the list of what bugs us is the Volkswagen Beetle. Even non-Beetle owners who enjoyed Walt Disney’s “Herbie the Love Bug” movie series can’t help but feel a happy twinge of nostalgia when seeing a Beetle out and about.

Snakes and spiders, while not insects, bug a lot of people because their respective serpentine slithering and additional pair of legs can result in goose bumps and that creepy-crawly feeling. Yet, contributions to controlling the real “bugs” need to be considered. It has been reported that spider venom may have benefits in the medical field. So snakes and spiders have their rightful place – just not inside our dwellings!

If, by now, we’re becoming a little bug-eyed, let’s take a quick break, look out the window, and then continue reading good Westshore news!

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Volume 6, Issue 19, Posted 10:08 AM, 09.16.2014