Any reservations about resolutions?

Turning over a new leaf and staying the course throughout the year requires a high level of commitment and dedication. Kudos to area residents who have not only kept their 2014 New Year’s resolutions but are about to embark on those they set for 2015! 

Chances are, they’re way ahead of many of their neighbors who may still be coming to terms with this year’s leaves, either literally or figuratively!

Wayne and Garth (of "Wayne’s World" fame, not well-known country singers) may speak for area “non-resolvers” by inimitably proclaiming, “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy,” in lauding those who merit praise for their accomplishments.

If this sounds flippant, it’s anything but! Those who set positive goals and stick to them should be considered as role models!

Practically speaking, how many Westlakers or Bayites even give resolutions a thought until late December with the perennial arrival of the media’s tongue-in-cheek resolution recommendations?

Perhaps it’s because “goals” imply a much firmer commitment than “resolutions,” which are beginning to resemble wishful thinking. If you agree, perhaps you’re among those who credit FranklinCovey, producer of personal planners and management training systems, for raising goal-setting to an art form.

Resolutions may also be placing a distant second to goals because, according to word on the street, they’re “meant to be broken!”

While some locals find themselves battling the urge to drag themselves to a gym, (but find they feel better once they do,) extra-motivated area residents may now sport new-fangled devices such as digital pedometers that monitor activity and other healthful habits that rank high on any remaining resolution lists. They can run, but they can’t hide!

What do you think? Are resolutions passé? The jury’s still out!

Here comes the big reveal: The original concept for this writing was to impart some resolutions for community living, that is, until resolutions were seen in a different light, that of being well-meaning, but increasingly hackneyed and short-lived.

So, instead, here are some random remarkable reminders that summarize startlingly simple but superb “recommendations” previously proclaimed in this publication throughout the year:

Don’t jaywalk, do use crosswalks, avoid platform shoes and stilettos, dress for the weather, observe the rules of the road, cover your mouth and turn away from others when sneezing and coughing, wash your hands often, be considerate to others, pay taxes on time, enjoy the natural beauty of each season, expand your horizons, learn from other cultures, don’t litter, don’t fret, stop and “smell the roses,” clean boots and winter wear in the spring (outerwear pockets hold many surprises), winterize, don’t “sweat the small stuff,” be of good humor, be happy, be well, be a good citizen and thank a veteran.

They’re simple as promised and addressed for good reason: Westlake and Bay Village are great communities in which to live AND you’re a vital part of the community ... as are we all! OK, maybe just one little resolution: to keep up the good work and continue to make our cities even better in 2015 and beyond! It’s a win-win!  

Happy New Year!

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Volume 6, Issue 25, Posted 9:34 AM, 12.09.2014