Merry Christmas Daddy

Many church Sunday schools
Have Christmas programs every year.
Family members gathered to see
Their pride and joy perform fearlessly.

When I was five my kindergarten class
Did the carol "Away in a Manger."
I was chosen to sing the song.
The other kids had motions to go along.

Before I went to sing my song
My Daddy talked to me:
"Be sure to sing loud so all can hear"
For once I listened carefully.

Then I saw him sitting near the back
And I called out to him:
"Daddy did I sing loud enough?"
The congregation laughed and that was tough.

Poor Daddy was so embarrassed
He forgot where he was sitting
He lit a cigarette (this was 1936)
And started smoking there in church!

Carol Janovsky

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 25, Posted 9:42 AM, 12.09.2014