Writing Controversy

Have you ever spoken out about something you wanted to change? Last spring I wrote an article about the points system used at Bay Middle School – the BEP system – because I thought it needed to change.

This was my first experience with a controversial article, and I wasn’t prepared for the responses. I received a lot of different feedback because of the different views of people at the middle school on the BEP system. I didn’t know how to react to this feedback, so I decided to take a break from writing for the Observer.

The good news is that my article made a difference for the middle school. The BEP system is gone for the present sixth-graders at the middle school. Now, the system focuses on the positive instead of the negative, and I’m glad that I made a difference for the sixth-graders this year and for years to come. I hope the teachers and students like the change.

The article also made a difference for me. I would like to thank my sixth-grade teachers Mrs. Prewitt, Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Guinter, and especially Mr. Kevesdy. I felt overwhelmed with the reaction to my BEP article, and I really appreciate all their support. I also would like to thank Miss Tara Wendell for all of her help and for encouraging me to write again.

As I look toward 2015, I’m hoping to continue writing articles for the Observer again. As I reflect on this year, I wish I hadn’t let my controversial article stop me from writing, but I know I’ve learned a lot from it. If I ever write on a difficult topic again, I’ll be prepared.  I am determined to not let the reactions stop me from writing.

I can’t wait for the fresh start this New Year for me as a person and a writer. Happy Holidays to everyone!  

Audrey Ray

Audrey Ray is a seventh-grader at Bay Middle School.

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Volume 6, Issue 25, Posted 9:42 AM, 12.09.2014