Police station leaves officers in the cold

It has come to this writer's attention that during the recent cold snap (temperatures of 0 degrees actual and -20 degrees with wind chill) Bay's relatively new police station was totally without heat.

Built with a considerable cost to local taxpayers, the new building is poorly designed. The heating unit is housed in the attic area which is unheated and receives the full brunt of cold weather, ditto the air conditioning units with an extremely hot spell.

The city's temporary solution was to install an array of space heaters which raised the working area to a balmy 60-62 degrees. Hopefully the cells housing local miscreants were similarly provided for.

Might we consider that this provided a three-day nightmare for our fire department as well as an enormous electric bill for the city coffers to absorb?

When will politicians learn that accepting the lowest bid is not always the best policy when dealing with contractors and service providers?

The more logical process would be to tally all estimates to reach an average cost and then accept the bid which comes closest to that average. Certainly our uniformed service providers deserve that much concern from our elected officials. The taxpayers of this community have every right to expect this level of grounded thought from city officials.

On behalf of the citizens of Bay Village, and a hearty (and warm) thank you to our police department.

– Joanne Rubino, Bay Village

Joanne Rubino

Bay Village

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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 9:55 AM, 01.20.2015