Setting My Valentine Free

It was just barely over a year ago,
When my true love came to me,
And said, "This relationship stinks, you know,
So I demand that you set me free."
The revelation sent me to depths quite low,
My tearful reply: "I see."

Not willing to give up so quickly was I,
Stubbornness – a big part of me.
Though adamant on her part in saying, "Good-bye,"
I would somehow get her to see.
Then convince her to give us just one more try,
And she would then be mine, hopefully.

I showered her with flowers and gifts galore,
For never could my heart be scarred.
"I shall love you forever," I tried to implore,
"Loving me back is not all that hard."
Yet she reiterated, "It is you I abhor,"
While she spent my Ann Taylor gift card.

Undaunted, for this was the love of my life,
No one else would ever do.
Somehow, some way, I would make her my wife,
For my love was so deep, so true.
Yet her words still pierced like a Cutco knife,
When she shouted out, "I hate you."

Though staggered and hurt, I would not be denied,
For I still had an ace up my sleeve.
I would take her to the place where we both once cried,
"From each other we will never leave."
And then once this salve of love was applied,
She'd love me – or so I chose to believe.

We went to the place called Kerrigan's Bluff,
On the platform which spanned the ridge.
Her stance was firm; this would indeed be tough,
For she wouldn't budge – not even a smidge.
So I finally said, "Enough is enough,"
And – Oh, no – looks like she fell off the bridge...

I look back fondly upon our happier days,
When it wasn't me my love was dissing.
I smile when I think of the various ways,
We shared our love – and all the kissing.
But the last year's been great, and though I pray the joy stays,
Maybe it's time to report that she's missing.

Jeff Bing

Lifelong Westlake resident who dabbles in writing whenever the real world permits. My forte is humor and horror...What a combo!

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 10:04 AM, 02.03.2015