Was 'It' really that bad?

Winter-weather-weary Westlake and Bay Village residents are willing to trade in snow's artistry for the beauty of spring flowers and blooms. Photo by Egon Luengo

Winter-weary Westshore residents may wonder whether 2015’s official start of spring really means “business!” No lollygagging, now! Should the vernal equinox achieve its maximum potential, Friday, March 20, could signal that “It” (the 2014-2015 winter season) is finally behind us!

However, we who are wise to winter’s ways on Lake Erie’s south shore know that spring’s arrival doesn't assure that we’ve seen the last seasonal snowfall. Wouldn’t it be nice if it DID?

We who call Bay Village or Westlake home expect a few late March and April snow events and hope beyond hope that until the last flake of frozen white precip falls, Mother Nature will promptly clean up after herself by sweeping away the clouds and dispatching the sun’s warming rays to work their magic. In this regard, we may take the potential burden of early spring snows with a grain of salt – that is, if, after this past winter, such a grain can still be found.

Let’s do our best to ignore the notion that spring snow storms have been known to produce greater accumulations in the Westshore than in the snow belt. There’s little else to do than to keep a stiff (if not frostbitten) upper lip and cross our fingers that this won’t be one of “those” springs!

Seriously, now that the worst should be over, reflecting on what we’ve just been through, was “It” really THAT bad?  Or just another Northeast Ohio winter? After all, we:

... may consider the bragging rights! We can boast about having survived the coldest February in recorded weather history and secretly wonder how much worse an ice age might be.

... might impulse buy “I survived…” T-shirts simply to relish wearing them with shorts and sandals while sipping cold drinks al fresco and complaining about the blistering summer heat.

... were just handed a convenient topic for an “ice-breaker” to kick off the conversation at upcoming social events and authoritatively hedge our bets that next winter won’t be anywhere as rough.

... can blissfully recall balmy December days. (So what that we were denied a picture-perfect holiday setting? Unseasonably warm days were conducive to venturing out to shop and prepare for seasonal celebrations; getting around town was a relative snap!)

... may actually have caught up with long-neglected housebound chores while “snowed in.”

... might all agree that snow cover is nature’s best cosmetic. Who can tell which lawn is perfectly manicured or crabgrass-ridden?

... can remember the “ooh” and “aah” mid-winter moments inspired by lacy snow-lined branches and gently bending evergreens.

... (as Northeast Ohioans) may have crowed more than once about how much we enjoy the four seasons. Just count them: “It” (the "Big W") is definitely there! 

... enjoyed “relief at the pump” and in the pocketbook, thanks to lower gasoline prices.

When weighing the positive aspects, was "It" really that bad after all? For the most part, "It" probably was. But it’s easier to take when it’s behind us! 

Welcome, spring!

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 9:55 AM, 03.17.2015