Bay dog attack renews call for animal control

As I write this today, a member of our community is in a day-by-day mode for updates regarding her loving canine companion. Her dog was recently viciously attacked by a neighbor dog in the western end of Bay Village while out on an evening stroll. 

The injured dog has been transferred to a specialty clinic an hour away from home and family. He has had multiple surgeries to remove dead and dying skin from his back where multiple deep punctures from the attack have left him with a raging infection, a feeding tube, possible tail amputation and skin grafts, and certainly a long and expensive recovery if he can survive. His owner also sustained injuries.

The attack has caused a flurry of calls to council, city hall and police and brought back to attention Bay’s lack of a part-time qualified and compassionate animal control officer or city liaison for the function.

Myself and others are advocating for updates and changes to city ordinances, along with good and reputable training for all first responders and safety education for our community. I ask for your support to embrace these positive changes.

To learn more and participate please contact me directly at 871-9245. You may also contact Joan Kemper, Clerk of Council, and have current animal legislation and past Environment and Safety Committee meeting minutes provided to you.

Please also reference these helpful websites to understand responsible pet ownership, breed temperament, breed specific legislation, and more: American Veterinary Medical Association,; American Temperament Test Society,; Best Friends Animal Society,

Have a discussion with educators, family members and animal clinics on what to do and what not to do if an animal attacks you or another animal.

– Nancy Brown, Bay Village

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 9:21 AM, 05.05.2015