Spring chores, more chores!

Chances are good that whoever coined: “A man may work from sun to sun but a woman’s work is never done,” neither hailed from Westlake nor Bay, nor lived in recent times, and definitely had no concept of gender equality.  

But this “old chestnut” applies to many residents – regardless of gender – in our neighboring communities. Some work truly is never done. In springtime, especially, we may find ourselves caught in a tug-of-war between everything requiring attention indoors and out.

Early on, it was necessary to clear the last of autumn's leaves (particularly from oaks.) We are now contending with a phenomenal quantity of maple seeds ("helicopters”) littering our landscaping, covering our patios and jamming our gutters. While trees are beneficial, they certainly can be messy! (Cottonwood, anyone?)

There’s no shortage of lawns in Westlake and Bay; despite May’s rain deficit, grass has been growing like gangbusters! Regardless of whether we do our own mowing or hire it out, weekly springtime mowing doesn’t always cut it. Depending on how lawns are fed, two or three passes per week may be warranted.

How many area residents are fretting between yard work and housework at this time of year? On one hand, if we fail to plant tomatoes in a timely fashion, fall’s first frost will cut the yields short, but on the other hand, as we're attending to the chores outdoors, we know that those pesky dust bunnies are having a field day inside our homes!  

Dusting’s another chore that’s never done! We raise dust while we dust and airborne particles won’t land until after we’ve left the room. In a couple days’ time it looks as if nobody’s dusted for weeks! (Should your results be different, please drop a line to the editor or contribute a column to share your success story with all! Consider it a public service!)

How about laundry? It’s never completely done, so should anybody tell you that they finished their “wash,” the conclusion is that they must have been doing it in the buff!

Almost, but not quite on the “never done” work list is keeping our cars spotless and shiny. Whether you wash it at home, or frequent one of the local carwashes, your vehicle may be showroom-clean, but not for long. Why?

     – the birds are watching for their favorite targets

     – the bugs will be going splat on windshields (in larger quantities) soon

     – the drive home from the carwash is full of dust-filled treachery, especially around construction zones. (Landscapers with powerful leaf-blowers may also spew dust and dirt in your direction.)

     – pollen, pollen, pollen! (Thankfully, tree pollen season should be pretty much over. Remember our yellowy-green coated cars?)

There are exceptions, though: highly polished cars that seem to defy all odds! Calling area auto buffs: as with the earlier appeal to those who've mastered the "art of dusting,"  if you’re willing to share your secret for keeping your “chariot” immaculate for more than a block or two, it please tell the WBVO how you do it!

Ah, spring!

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Volume 7, Issue 11, Posted 9:23 AM, 06.02.2015