Snow Globe

Spring lives inside my snow globe
With its delicate blossoms, a
Tiny stream painted blue and
Little animals sitting quietly in
The artificial grass.

I go to my shelf
Wanting the feeling
Of spring as the storm
Outside rages, and hail pellets
Pummel my windows.

For only here inside my
Drafty house during winter's
worst blast can I believe
In spring, in its warmth, in its
Light and in its continuation
Of new life.

Carefully, I bring the globe
Closer to my face, then shake it,
Sending colorful confetti
Floating in all directions,
Allowing my heart to sing.

Could I for just a moment
Step inside my snow globe and
Run, chasing confetti, laughing,
Enjoying the beauty of spring?

Oh no, never, I dare not,
For I believe, inside my globe,
So delightful, enchanting and forever spring
That I would hide and live in happiness,
Never to return again.

Dianne Borowski

Bay Village

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Volume 7, Issue 12, Posted 9:37 AM, 06.16.2015