The Christmas Stocking

Tabby and Toby. Photo by Carol Janovsky

(a true story)

Toby was our black miniature poodle,
Tabby was our cat.
From day one animosity was ripe,
Though it never spilled over into a fight.

Tabby was our only pet for quite awhile;
Toby was given to us, fully grown, by a friend.
Both our pets really made us smile,
But neither one an inch would bend.

Christmas shopping time drew near,
Our pets of course were on the list.
So off I went to Woolworth's Five and Ten,
For cellophane pet stockings just for them.

Into my bedroom closet went the bag from the store,
Safely stashed away, I thought.
After another day out when I came home,
I opened the door and there was Toby on the stair.

He looked at me which, without a doubt,
Told me he wanted me to follow him up.
Every couple of steps he turned to make sure,
I was coming to see what he was about.

Onward and upward the stairs we climbed,
And into my bedroom Toby led,
Straight into my open closet he pointed his nose,
Boy oh boy was Toby primed.

"What to my wondering eyes should appear?" –
Both paper bag and cellophane stocking were torn.
Catnip was strewn on the floor I stood staring at,
Self-righteous Toby was TATTLING on the culprit, THAT CAT!!

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Volume 7, Issue 22, Posted 9:19 AM, 11.17.2015