West Shore Council of Governments (WCOG) meeting, Nov. 18, 2015

This report is not an official statement of the League of Women Voters; Mayor Sutherland’s office prepares official minutes, which are posted on Bay Village’s website.

Present: Mayors Sutherland (Bay Village), Patton (Fairview Park), Kennedy (North Olmsted), and Bobst (Rocky River). Mayors Clough (Westlake) and Summers (Lakewood) were absent. Fiscal Officer Renee Mahoney and Fairview Park Fire Chief Raffin also attended.

The mayors provided the following reports:

RTA (Sutherland): There will be an election for representation of mayors on the RTA board.

NOACA (Sutherland): There will be no meeting until mid December.

Land Bank (Kennedy): There are a few projects in the pipeline. More properties are needed for the demonstration fund.

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission: There was no meeting to report on. There will be an appointment of a mayoral representative soon.

Cuyahoga County Mayors and Managers Association (Kennedy):The association will be appealing for an increase in the Local Government Fund. The next meeting is Dec. 2 for the new mayors' orientation. Mayor Kennedy also reported on a program on human trafficking which illustrated extent of trafficking throughout all communities.

Municipal League is looking at statewide advocacy for strengthening leadership.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team): Fire Chief Raffin reviewed CERT needs and support from the Chiefs of Police. Needs for volunteers continue. The county would like to coordinate CERTs.

WEB (Westshore Enforcement Bureau) (Mahoney): October financials were passed. Adjustments in the budget for the rest of 2015 were approved. The proposed 2016 budget was passed. Ms. Mahoney reported on the allocation of monies from a prior drug bust which will be distributed to community law enforcement trust funds.

There will be no December meeting. The next meeting will be held at Rocky River City Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 13. WCOG meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. and are open to the public. In 2016 WCOG meetings will be hosted by Major Pam Bobst at Rocky River City Hall.

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Volume 7, Issue 23, Posted 9:51 AM, 12.01.2015