One thank you isn't enough

The only way to say thank you, in my view, is to keep on doing the things one is being thanked for – so that is what I plan to do. Let me explain. Last year, I stepped down as president of The Bay Village Foundation. At the first meeting under the direction of our new president, Al Paulus, I was absolutely stunned into silence when I was presented with a bronze plaque commemorating my 19 years of work in helping to build the Foundation. I am rarely at a loss for words, as my friends know, but this time I truly couldn’t express my surprise and gratitude.

Board members, past and present, contributed the basic level of giving expected, $2500 of their own money, to make the award possible. On Memorial Day the gift was officially announced to the public at the Foundation's annual program in Cahoon Park.

I’m writing this letter to thank all of those that made this permanent tribute to my work possible and to offer my full commitment to building an even stronger Foundation that will support the needs and the wishes of this great city. I did not do this work by myself. I needed the help of all of our trustees and the generosity of our citizens.

Today, let us not forget founder Dick Martin and his wife, Betsy, for their tireless work on behalf of Bay Village. I thank our City Council and especially Mayor Debbie Sutherland for encouragement and for working with us on projects that required approval and support from the city. It takes a Village, and we certainly have one!

– Eileen Vernon, Bay Village

Eileen Vernon

Trustee of The Bay Village Foundation. Retired lawyer. Resident of Bay Village Foundation for over 32 years.

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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 9:34 AM, 06.21.2016