Paul McCartney Poems

Two poems in anticipation of her first concert, the Paul McCartney show this August at The Q.

Sir James Paul McCartney’s Musical Life of Fame

There is a famous Beatle and, no, I don’t mean the bug,
His name is Paul McCartney, and I’d love to give him a hug.
His voice is soft and loud all at once, and it matches his electric guitar,
His music is so fabulous, which makes him a famous rockstar!
The Beatles are my favorite band,
And I still think they were the most talented in the land.
Their songs are so emotional, and some make you want to dance,
When I hear my favorite song I suddenly go into a mystified trance.
There were four in the band, but Paul was the best,
The reason was because he wrote songs better than the rest.
He wrote ballads that were soft, and songs where he would scream,
Every single one of his songs make me feel like I’m living a melodious dream.
He will go down in history because he sings with his heart,
Some of his songs make me want to fall apart.
His left-handed guitar makes a different sound,
Whenever I hear it, I’m suddenly spellbound.
That is why he is my favorite guy,
With a crisp black suit and a long black tie.
Or a colorful blue outfit on Sgt. Pepper’s album cover,
I know all this because I’m a Beatles music lover.

Paul McCartney

My heart explodes with a gentle burst,
I have finally satisfied my life-long thirst.
I hold two tickets in my hand,
To see a famous member of my favorite band.
Paul McCartney is the name that fills my head,
I feel so much like an angel I know I must be dead!
I hear a clear calm voice in my mind,
But I know it's Paul's voice because it is one of a kind.
1, 2, 3 ... 4 months to go,
And then I will see his special show.
I know I'll never forget that time,
But now I hold those two tickets, knowing they are mine.

Madeline Nock, age 10

Would like to submit my daughter's writings! She is 10 years old and an aspiring writer!

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