Is a senior center right for you?

The Dwyer Center offers education, wellness and socialization options for adults over 55. Photo by Denny Wendell

What do you think of when someone says the words "senior center"? Do you picture a bunch of old people (much older than you, of course) sitting around talking about the old days?

If so, it’s time to adjust your vision. Today’s senior centers, including the Bay Village Dwyer Senior Center, are vibrant, lively, active places that offer a variety of programs and opportunities to appeal to almost everyone. And by everyone, we mean adults age 55 and older!

So what does one do at a senior center? If you were to stop by the Dwyer Center, you would find:

  • Health and Wellness Programs: A variety of exercise options, nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations, health screenings and a large vegetable garden to grow our own produce are just a sampling of the programs offered at the Dwyer Center. Our goal is to provide the key elements that will help our participants stay healthy and independent as they age.                  
  • Lifelong Learning: Curiosity and the desire to learn do not decrease with age, and help keep our brains stimulated. Whether attending a Lunch and Learn session on a topic of interest or a multiple-week training program, we offer a wide variety of programs to keep our participants informed and engaged.                                
  •  Socialization and Recreation: How does lunch downtown or in Tremont sound? Or a trip to the Rock Hall or the art museum to see a special exhibit? How about joining other residents for a coffee hour with the police chief or the mayor to learn the goings-on in Bay Village and surrounding communities? Maybe you would prefer our 1970s-themed party coming up in April, or maybe you’re not much of a joiner and would prefer a small puzzle or needlecraft group, or a card game. Socialization has a positive impact on a person’s physical and mental health, and there is no shortage of opportunity to socialize at the Dwyer Center.

Learn more about all of our programs and activities on the Community Services page of the city's website, (click on Departments); or call us at 440-899-3409.

If you’re age 55 or older and haven’t been to the Dwyer Senior Center, please stop by and we’ll be happy to share our upcoming programs with you. We are located at 300 Bryson Lane in Bay Village, and we hope to see you soon!

Leslie Selig

Leslie Selig, Director of Community Services for Bay Village

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Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 9:32 AM, 03.07.2017