Meet the Candidates, Bay Village Ward 4: Alex Dade

Alex Dade

A bit about me:

  • 1972 Texas A&M University engineering degree 

  • 20-Year Air Force pilot, Lieutenant Colonel, squadron commander 

  • 25-year telecommunications executive 

  • 16-year Bay resident 

  • Married 42 years to BHS 1969 graduate Karen Hansen 

  • Two daughters, two grandchildren 

  • Multiple rescue pet owner
  • Retired, so City Council will be my full-time focus 

Some topics I think are important: 

  • Police and Fire Services (our fire station needs serious work) 

  • Zoning 

  • Sewers, drainage 

  • Finances 

  • Animal control

The recently adopted Bay Village Master Plan calls for modifying the Charter to let Council re-zone property on their own without voter referendum. Big mistake. The Crossroads Church property on Bassett will be up for re-zoning to accommodate a commercial business. Should voters decide or City Council? I believe it should be up to the Ward 4 residents, and more issues, not fewer should be decided by city-wide vote.

Cahoon Park is one of Bay’s unique and most valuable assets. We should do everything possible to preserve and maintain it. Previous administrations allowed Cahoon Park historic buildings to become seriously deteriorated. We need to reverse this. City Council also leased a portion of the park to a commercial business, and there’s a plan, negotiated behind closed doors, to lease that part of the park to the Cuyahoga County Library on a long-term basis. We should carefully consider what precedent this would set. 

Contact:; 440-781-0302

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Volume 9, Issue 15, Posted 9:39 AM, 08.01.2017