The keeper of our courtyard

Every one of us has a gift to share. Our own special expertise, that no one else can take credit for. At the Knickerbocker Apartments, we have a gentleman who has a gift for turning thorns into beautiful roses. His name is Chuck, and he is our volunteer gardener.  

The courtyard in the center of our building was a shambles, and now is filled with flowers, shrubs and delicate little lights, as if to light the path for angels seeking out a comfortable place to rest their wings.

Not only does he bring us this gift, but he busies himself making sure chairs are set up for the Sunday morning church service that Bay Presbyterian Church generously provides, and so many other chores, it is difficult to list. If the keys to Bay village were offered to this man, it would certainly not surprise any of us!

God bless you, Chuck, and kudos to you; we appreciate your beautiful kindness at the Knickerbocker!

– Shirlee Mangan, Bay Village

shirlee mangan

Hi! I am a retired nurse, enjoy writing, painting, volunteering at Eliza jennings Home in Cleveland Ohio, and an animal advocate!

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Volume 9, Issue 16, Posted 10:18 AM, 08.15.2017