Prose for the Seasons

Spring enters, with daffodils heralding

Easter lilies, proud and strong.

Summer comes with warmth and peaches,

Lazy days of swimming and straw hats,

And country streams that flow along.

Autumn and the trees rejoice, with colors golden,

pumpkins in fields, waiting for their turn to

make a child smile, and then watch for the goblins,

That will be carved in awhile!

And before we know it is Thanksgiving Day, and

families all give thanks and pray!

Then lovely Winter envelopes the world, there is

quiet and calm as the first snowfall arrives,

and children don mittens, and run to the door

wishing a new sled was there once more,

and shoppers buy gifts and start to prepare,

For the coming of the Christ child, there is love

everywhere! And I think how blessed we all are,

even those of us with burdens, to have our United

States of America and the freedom to happily

celebrate these beautiful seasons ... sharing our

joys as well as sorrows, and loving our neighbors.

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Volume 9, Issue 17, Posted 9:42 AM, 09.06.2017