A taste of fall

Isn't it awesome to be able to smell the air, feel the fresh fall breezes surround you, and no matter your age, sample the tastes of autumn? A friend and I recently spent a day enjoying the season, being lazy, not missing any sights or sounds around us, and visiting areas alien to us.

We started out with a leisurely breakfast, slowly savoring our food, and taking time to talk about things we had done a few weeks ago, and opportunities for adventure in the future. As we made a tour of some shops, the trees already had begun to wear their fancy fare of oranges, yellows and golds.

We were searching for a tiny shop where one of my nieces had purchased a gift for my birthday, an oatmeal lotion with a soft and gentle smell that is mesmerizing and kind to the skin. My friend purchased an adorable teddy bear for a niece who has been ill.

We decided to park ourselves on a bench and "people watch." So many friendly, wonderful people said hello to us: all ages, young couples, stopping by a bridal shop, mothers carrying their daughters' wedding gowns, heading happily toward the car.

There is a cozy wine bar in the area, with little umbrella tables outside; it actually looks like a patisserie in France or sidewalk cafe in Tuscany. My friend and I decided it would be fun to come back with a group, and let Uber do the driving! We could not let that day go by without a taste of creamy ice cream. We stopped in the ice cream parlor and had the very first taste of the season's pumpkin ice cream! To put that first scoop to your lips is nothing but pure bliss.

I really hope that some of my readers will pamper themselves just a bit, for this is what life is all about!

shirlee mangan

Hi! I am a retired nurse, enjoy writing, painting, volunteering at Eliza jennings Home in Cleveland Ohio, and an animal advocate!

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Volume 9, Issue 18, Posted 10:18 AM, 09.19.2017