NRA must do more to promote public safety

The National Rifle Association (NRA) cares not for the well being of you or your family.

According to a Politico report, the NRA bans the use of the “bump fire” device used in the Las Vegas massacre from the NRA headquarters' gun range because it effectively changes an AR-15 into an unsafe automatic weapon. Public use of this device, however, has not been banned.

This is not the action of an organization promoting a safety culture for the public. Should not an organization promoting public lethal weapon ownership also actively ensure public safety? I do not see evidence of this.

When I view the website of the NRA after 500 people are shot while enjoying an outdoor music festival, and the priority action is, “We will insist on concealed carry reciprocity,” what the NRA is saying to me is: The NRA is negligent, culpable and not at all interested in the safety and well being of all Americans.

Just like the recent cigarette smoking issue in public areas, if you want to breathe clean air, move to a different location or bring your own.

My right to an open, free, safe public environment is being eroded by an obsolete idea (unrestricted gun ownership) and an obsolete organization: NRA.

The NRA must do more to ensure the safety of Americans and we the people must hold it accountable.

Write your congressmember or join a group today!

– Paul Makuh, Westlake

Paul Makuh


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Volume 9, Issue 21, Posted 9:51 AM, 11.07.2017