Taking time to make birthdays special

Residents of the Knickerbocker Apartments have been so fortunate in having our very own pianist, for many years now, who never forgets a birthday, and every single month makes sure that each person on the birthday list gets recognition. Frank Barkdoll has fought illness, been hospitalized many times, struggled with his illness, and by the grace of God just keeps on coming back to do his artistry on the piano, teach Bible study once a week, and show his courage to give others hope in recovery of their own problems!   

A common birthday practice is to pass out music, so all join in, take requests, and then have a round of applause for those celebrating their birthdays. Frank has recruited Carol, we call her "Pineapple Cake Carol," to bake for the event. This lady has an awesome cake recipe that everyone seems to want a copy of, a delicious triumph of a culinary art. There is so much talent here at the Knickerbocker, not to mention kindness, love and genuine concern for one another.

shirlee mangan

Hi! I am a retired nurse, enjoy writing, painting, volunteering at Eliza jennings Home in Cleveland Ohio, and an animal advocate!

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Volume 9, Issue 23, Posted 10:36 AM, 12.05.2017