No new you in 2018!

"2018 will be the same."

This is a thought that many people dread in their minds and yet a truth that many secretly try to ignore. Let’s be honest, after each new year or every birthday, you still feel the same.

What really changes?

You don’t become a new person. You are still you. That smile, laugh, personality or voice? It is all you. Circumstances in your life change; you might find yourself single or married or now divorced. You might be making more money or making less. You might have clarity or be near insanity. The truth of the matter is: You are you!

For many, that might be devastating and for others, it is not.

Life has a way of doing what it does best – changing. Each new day brings good or bad events, but the changes have nothing to do with your composition.

Consider this: A diamond in the mud is still a diamond. The mud cannot take away from the fact that it is a diamond.

I challenge you to pay attention and examine that example when you look to reflect on your life with this new year. Despite your circumstance, you are still who you are at the core.

How best to approach the new year? Simply be you first and then be the best you after that.

Consider this quote by Etta Turner: “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”

These words should be the only thing we strive to live by in 2018. Face the facts; you are who you are meant to be. Your laugh, your smile, your personality. We all come alive when we don’t deny what is in us.

Work on taking care of your health, doing work that you are passionate about, building a strong relationship and developing your foundation that will give you joy and peace.

Do what you can do and I assure you that you will never fail at being you!

Here are some tips to get started being you:

  1. Spend time figuring what makes you unique and truly you. Live life despite your fears. Experience is a great teacher.
  2. Become a lifetime scholar: Develop your interests and talents. Be more than your job title, relationship status, gender, ethnicity or religion.
  3. Build your social capital: Get a life coach, mentor or any objective honorable person you respect to guide you through your journey in life.

Happy New Year to the same great you!

Cynthia Idada

A social work professional. Aspiring life coach and minimalist.

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Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 9:36 AM, 01.09.2018