Warning for first-time grandparents

Do not take the baby anywhere near a sandbox or beach until he/she stops putting everything in its mouth. I speak from experience!

Babies happily chew on everything when they have a few teeth. The sound of sand grating on little teeth triggers the gag reflux in the listener (you).

Grandparent is completely baffled as to how to get sand out. Hopefully baby doesn’t clamp jaw shut when you attempt to clean out its mouth! If there is a fountain or faucet nearby, pick up baby with one arm, securely holding baby facing the water while trying to get water into mouth to remove sand. This takes time. Meanwhile baby is still happily chewing the sand. You will NEVER forget the sound of sand grating on teeth. It still generates your gag reflex when you think about it.

My grandbaby is now 33 and I would NOT be surprised if there were still a grain or two of sand lurking in her mouth!

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 9:28 AM, 06.19.2018