Wild Goose Jack, Part 1

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  • Cover photo of Jack Miner's autobiography, "Wild Goose Jack." Copyright The Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation

  • Dover Center School, built in 1874, is now part of Jenkins Funeral Chapel, 2914 Dover Center Road. Photo by Will Krause

  • Dover Ditch, adjoining the Jack Miner Ohio Historical Marker, is where Jack began an education that made him world famous. Photo by Will Krause

  • Photo of Lucy and John McCrea Cooley, who figure in the story by Jack Miner, as found in "George Lathrop and Clara Elizabeth Hall" by Harl Preslar Aldrich.

  • Jack Miner Ohio Historical Marker, located near Miner's boyhood home at the southwest corner of Dover Center and Westown Boulevard.

  • A picture from Jack's autobiography of c. 1874 Dover Center School which Jack's father made the bricks for and Jack attended school for three months in 1878. Found in Jack Miner's autobiography, "Wild Goose Jack," copyright held by The Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation, 1969 Kingsville, Ontario

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