Set up once but reap benefits repeatedly

Although one may think that an Android-based tablet/smartphone is a totally different animal than an iOS-based device (iPad or iPhone), they are not too different; their utility is the same. It’s more like do you prefer Navel or Valencia oranges?

Like the case of two oranges, comparing a Toyota Camry to a Ford Fusion is another of my analogies. iPad and Galaxy Tab are “models” (think: Camry and Fusion) with their respective “makes” being Apple and Samsung (think: Toyota and Ford), both belonging to the “tablets” category (think: four-door sedans), and variations within a model line such as iPad and iPad Pro are akin to “trims” (think: Camry V6 vs. Camry Hybrid).

In the real world, a driver’s license confirms your identity. In the digital world, aka internet, your email address plus the password you present confirms your identity to an internet-based service provider such as shopping, streaming, financial and more.

The fact remains that you set up your new device only once but use it repeatedly, making it easier to ask someone you trust, like a younger family member, to setup a device for you. But if you don’t have anyone, fear not – the device will prompt you every step of the way and you also don’t have to complete setup in one sitting. My goal in this series is to demystify what the setup process may ask of you.

After choosing your language, you will be asked to connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. If you don’t have a wireless network at home, you have options to remediate the situation.

If you have no internet access, or you’re not convinced to part with your hard earned cash to subscribe to internet access with Wi-Fi, don’t fret. Just like “kicking the tires” while new car shopping, Westlake Porter Public Library and the Bay Village Branch Library offer free public Wi-Fi on-site. Also both libraries have a “hotspot” rental service for their patrons. FYI, to learn about hotspots, and the multitude of free digital services offered by our libraries, and other technology topics, check out this column’s archives at

The next step in the setup process should prompt you to enter your email address that will be associated with your new device. You should notice words like “Google Account” or “Apple ID” depending on the make of your device. Oh, don’t sweat it either if you don’t have an email address. Here again the process will step you through to get a new email address “au gratis.”

By the way, when asked to “create” a password, it is not asking you for the password that you normally use to log into your email provider. Rather, it is asking you to create a new password for the Google Account or Apple ID you are creating. It is advisable not to use the same password over and over again for different services.

In the next column, we’ll tie loose ends so you are off to enjoying your new device!

Tak Sato

Strategist and technologist with almost 30 years of experience in the private sector. Holds Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science and Executive MBA from Cleveland State University.

As Founder of the Center for Aging in the Digital World, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering seniors with digital literacy, Tak connects the dots to help people utilize appropriate technology in their personal and professional lives.

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Volume 11, Issue 2, Posted 9:59 AM, 01.22.2019