Westlake lighting ordinance targets LEDs

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  • This residential carriage-type fixture has an exposed bulb which is fine when the replacement bulb is 800 lumens with a warm color temperature of 2700K. A brighter, bluer light may annoy your neighbors and drivers. Photo by Will Krause

  • These light fixtures at Crocker Park look like old-fashioned carriage lights but their light source is hidden and reflected out to prevent glare. Photo by Will Krause

  • A commercial wall-mounted light fixture which is downcast and shielded to hide the source of light and prevent glare. This type of fixture preserves the darkness of the night sky. Consider downcast lighting for residential use too. Photo by Will Krause

  • Light fixtures along Crocker Road show a downcast "shoebox" type fixture over the street, carriage light and downcast commercial light fixture with downcast "shoebox" fixture painted white. Photo by Will Krause

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