DAR members honor historic preservation with award

On behalf of the local MDH Historic Preservation Committee, MDH membership chair Jayne Broestl, left, presented Lysa Stanton with the NSDAR Historic Preservation Recognition certificate and pin.

Members and guests of the Martha Devotion Huntington (MDH) Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) met Tuesday, March 12, at the Clague House Museum to present Westlake Historical Society President and MDH member Lysa Layne Stanton with the NSDAR Historic Preservation Recognition Award.

This award is available for both DAR members and non-members and is designed to recognize worthy local individuals and groups for outstanding achievements in volunteer work at the community level in all areas of historic preservation: buildings, landmarks, monuments, cemeteries, historic districts, statues, museum collections, manuscripts, documents and archival materials. It also includes writing or compiling and publishing books on historic preservation projects, historical properties, genealogical and court house records, and photography collections; as well as compiling oral histories and serving as historical guides, interpreters or docents.

Lysa Stanton’s application was quickly approved because her accomplishments are numerous. Her first effort was the refurbishing of the Jack Miner Memorial Marker, which led to the cities of Westlake and Kingsville, Ontario, Canada to become “twin cities” – Westlake being Jack Miner’s boyhood home and Kingsville his adult residence.

She then worked to place four new markers in Westlake within five years: Leverett Johnson, First Westlake Settler (marker in 2011); Clague Homestead 1876 (2013); Astronaut Robert F. Overmyer (2014); and George L. Cooley, Champion of the Farmer (2015).

Andy Verhoff from the Ohio History Connection (formerly the Ohio Historical Society), remarked in his letter of recommendation to NSDAR that “placing an Ohio Historical Marker is more than just digging a hole and plopping in a post with a plaque on top. The Ohio History Connection’s process for obtaining a marker is rigorous, requiring articulation of the significance of subject to be marked, careful historical research, and the drafting of a text, which the applicant refines in collaboration with my office.” 

Andy further noted that “Lysa not only has ideas for markers, she is able to carry them out. Her determination, historical knowledge and considerable fundraising skills has meant that her community knows its history.”

Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough then congratulated Lysa and shared what he had submitted to NSDAR in his letter of recommendation. He mentioned how Lysa “held numerous events to highlight our early founders and their contributions to our community, which in turn helped to educate children and adults about Westlake’s history.”

Dave Pfister, Lysa’s husband, concurred. He added that Lysa’s goals of bringing the youth into the museum with Craft Sundays, mentoring those pursuing Eagle Scout rank, teaching etiquette classes and other activities have been a great success.

Lysa was quick to thank and commend the City of Westlake Service Department employees who keep the grounds and structure of the Clague House in fine shape. She also extended a special thank you to Gayle Hill, administrative assistant for Maple Ridge and Evergreen city cemeteries, for helping Lysa accomplish so many of her goals.

The evening concluded with the presentation of a certificate and pin from the NSDAR Historic Preservation Recognition Award Committee. 

The NSDAR is a service organization that is open to women over the age of 18, who can prove lineage to a Revolutionary patriot. The ancestor must have rendered military service or patriotic support for our independence from Britain. For more information, visit www.dar.org. Readers may view all of Ohio’s markers online at www.remarkableohio.org.

Jayne Broestl

Membership Chair, Martha Devotion Huntington Chapter National Society Daughter of the American Revolution and Historic Preservation Recognition Award Committee

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