Do not let Fido get you a ticket!

A public information campaign from the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter reminds pet owners that dog licenses are mandatory.

According to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, just under 1,200 dogs are current on 2019 county dog licenses for both Westlake and Bay Village combined. That is a significant decline from previous years. At this time the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is monitoring communities that are or have become non-compliant with keeping current licenses on dogs.

However, our dog population has not declined with dogs walking in our communities, visible in our parks, animal hospitals and other professional pet care providers caring for new and multiple pet family members.

Alarming is the frustrating and growing presence of "no tags or collar" in animal facilities and on social media.

The Ohio Codified Ordinance 955.01 states, in brief: "Ohio law requires owners of dogs to purchase/renew their dog license each year between December 1 and January 31."

Fines are applicable for late registration of a county dog license application. Fines from local law enforcement can range from $20 and up per incident. Some municipalities have also retained dogs until the owner could prove or provide proof of a current tag and then been fined a daily charge for the dog being held.

Even if you missed the renewal period to purchase a Cuyahoga County dog license, it is never to late for you and your canine family pet members to be legal and hopefully have a free ticket home. There is a $20 late registration fee for renewing licenses after Jan. 31. Discount Drug Mart in Westlake serves as a local resource to immediately purchase a dog license or you may visit the Fiscal Officer's website at

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Owner, Hot Diggity Dog, Inc.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 9:51 AM, 04.16.2019