Bay Village in the spring

Spring is knocking on the door waiting to be invited in. It is a great time of year. You know it’s coming when you see bicycles! It represents a rebirth of many favorable, fragrant flowers that make our town scenic. It is a time to think about what a special place Bay Village is as a community.

Heinen’s has lined its entrance with wonderful choices of tulips and hyacinths. The fence at Bay Middle school is lined with bicycles. Soon the soccer fields will be full of different color teams, parents and family friends sitting in the elements in support.  

Wolf Road will have a canape of flowers covering the road by the fire station. Huntington Beach will smell like one big barbecue. Parks will be filled with ballgames and tennis matches. School buses will be put to rest for several months by the high school. The nights will be consumed by fire pits, grills cooking and patios filled with friends.

Our residents and community employees also make Bay Village is a very special community. We still check on our neighbors when we haven’t seen them in a bit. Say a prayer when an ambulance passes. We notify each other if a garage door is left open or something doesn't seem right.  

We attend block parties, garage sales and support lemonade stands. Rely on great people to transport our children like Mr. Chase Fill our prescriptions by friendly pharmacists like Dave, at Walgreens. Receive a wave and a smile from one of the many crossing guards like Joe King (Douglas and Wolf intersection). Get help with our service questions and concerns, always attentively, by Don Landers at the city's Service Center. Always receive a sweet smile from Kitty behind the customer service counter at Heinen’s.

I think Bay Village is special because we take care of each other in a unique manner. We care for our elderly, our neighbors, our children and our friends.

Between the small-town friendliness of our community and the picturesque scenery, we live in a very special place. Spring is a good time to remember how lucky we are.

Colleen Harding

President of The Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol.   I am a member St Raphael Women's Guild, Friends of the Westside Catholic Center and The Avon Oaks Women's Golf Association.

I live in Bay Village with my husband and 3 children.   

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Volume 11, Issue 10, Posted 10:33 AM, 05.21.2019