Infrastructure levy renewal for Westlake

A Westlake levy to renew a 3/8% income tax for infrastructure such as streets, roads, highways, storm sewers, water lines and others, will go on the November 2019 ballot for voter approval. This is a renewal of an existing levy – no new taxes.

According to Bonnie Freeh, the city's assistant director of finance, “Westlake has a 1.5% income tax: 1% for general operations, 3/8% for infrastructure improvements and 1/8% for recreation and community center operations and improvements.”

The replacement cost of Westlake’s roads, sewers and other infrastructure is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The levy will generate about $8 million annually until 2037, when it is set to expire.

In the May 9 Financial Committee meeting, Mayor Dennis Clough stated that “the 3/8% infrastructure will continue to be needed certainly for at least the 15-year-life of the proposed renewal, especially with anticipated cutbacks in funds from federal, state and county sources, even with the possible higher gas tax.” Potential projects have already been identified.

At the city council meeting on May 16, the resolution to place the levy on the November ballot was approved unanimously.

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Volume 11, Issue 11, Posted 10:20 AM, 06.04.2019