Dover Gardens may be the area's oldest tavern

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  • A photo, supposedly taken in 1876, showing a hickory pole raising in front of the Harvest Home tavern, which is now Dover Gardens. Photo from the Westlake Historical Society collection.

  • Looking northeast, from roughly the same vantage point as the historical photo. Photo by William Krause

  • Photograph of Charles Brenner, the son of Charles F. Brenner, who opened the Harvest Home tavern after the Civil War in the building that Dover Gardens occupies. Photo courtesy of "A History of Cleveland and Its Environs, Volume II, Biography," published by Lewis Publishing Company, 1918, Cleveland, Ohio.

  • The Dover Gardens Tavern building features two gables; it is possible that the smaller gable was built in 1871 and its larger twin was built in 1881. Photo by William Krause

  • Looking north. Photo by William Krause

  • Looking west. Photo by William Krause

  • Th original sandstone foundation can be seen under the west portion of the building. Photo by William Krause

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