CrossPointe seminar focuses on dealing with difficult situations

CrossPointe Community is offering a training seminar from a new book by author Dr. Myke Merrill from Hilton, New York. Dr. Merrill will be at CrossPointe on Saturday, Oct. 26, 5-8 p.m., and Friday, Nov. 1, 6:30 p.m. The cost for the training is $20 and includes Dr. Merrill's book, "Why Do People Act That Way ... And What Can I Do About It?" plus a pizza and beverage.

Dr. Merrill will teach practical skills to disentangle complicated or difficult situations and relationships. It will give you insights into the four key complexes of the mind and how they shape our sense of reality, while also offering tools for accurate understanding and effective resolution of the five emotional systems. It will help you ask questions, get answers, and then ask better questions. Finally, it will help you to identify your own storyline in a way that may help you resolve some lifelong issues.

CrossPointe's "Reality Check" program is not some clinical or academic system you have to learn a bunch of techniques like you might in yoga or martial arts or memorization tricks. It doesn't come out of books or laboratories. This is life. It's called a training seminar but it's actually not really that. It's not a course of study. It's not a cool technique for getting through stress. It's how to perceive, how to respond, how to think, and how to choose to act or not act.

We all struggle to deal with what can happen in life. You might blame God, since God is supposed to be all loving, all powerful and all knowing – all at the same time – but it breaks down for you. You might blame your parents or yourself. Or your neighborhood. Or your disabilities. Or fate. Or something else. This will be the focus of our conversation.

Nelson Blount

Pastor Nelson and Camille Blount haved called Westlake home for the past 19 years. We are convinced of God's calling to the Westlake and surrounding communities. We are grateful for living in such a beautiful place with wonderful people. Our greatest joy is passionately loving God and genuinely loving people. Through Families Anonymous which meets at CrossPointe, Sundays at 5:30 PM, lives of parents and adult children are experiencing much needed support with a positive impact and real life transformation. The Observer is a beatifully crafted local news/interest paper. 

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Volume 11, Issue 20, Posted 9:21 AM, 10.15.2019