Flowers celebrate positive approach to dementia care

Participants with dementia and their care partners created large flowers at the Center for Artful Living using recycled bottle caps.

On the grounds of the Carolyn L. Farrell at the Center for Artful Living in Westlake are six large garden flowers. Each represents the Foundation’s mission and celebration of care for individuals affected by dementia. The Farrell Foundation was created in 2011 and serves the community with a variety of arts enrichment programs at its Detroit Road location along with community outreach in Cleveland, Parma and Beachwood.

The large, three-dimensional flowers were created to raise awareness of dementia and its impact on society, families and the community. The Foundation stresses and supports a positive approach for dementia care. The flowers are a beautiful statement and were the vision of artist and Westlake resident Lee Ann Eyre.

Lee Ann orchestrated the creation of the pieces and guided the participants with dementia and their care partners along with volunteers to create the large flowers on wooden cutouts, using recycled bottle caps and environmentally safe materials. Hundreds of bottle caps were collected for the project by participants and residents of the Knickerbocker Apartments in Bay Village.

The Farrell Foundation holds daily programs in art, music, dance/movement, storytelling and improv at its Center for Artful Living at 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake. The programs make a difference in the lives that they touch. They offer an avenue to socialization and a safe place for participants to be themselves and express their creativity while enhancing their quality of life.

Jerry Devis

The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation at the Center for Artful Living is a non-profit organization. The Foundation provides enrichment in the arts and community outreach for individuals with dementia and other brain health issues. Programs support family members, care providers and others concerned about these issues. The Foundation was created in honor of the late Carolyn L. Farrell who was affected by dementia.

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Volume 11, Issue 20, Posted 9:26 AM, 10.15.2019