The Lora A. and Russell A. Pease Home, Part 2

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  • Entrance to 2570 Dover Center Road. Photo by Will Krause

  • Herbert and Clifford Pease in 1941. Herbert was Russell A.'s father and Clifford was his uncle. Photo courtesy of Chris Kitchens

  • A 1927 Hopkins Plat Book showing 2570 Dover Center Road and the original 4.58 acres of land that went with it.

  • A 1927 Hopkins Plat Book showing 2636 Dover Center Road where Russell A. Pease practiced medicine for many years, just steps from the house he owned in the 1920s. It is the northern house owned by M. A. Guild in 1927.

  • 2750/2760 Dover Center Road, most likely the last building in Westlake that Dr. Pease practiced medicine in. Photo by Will Krause

  • 1874 map showing J & C Pease Store and Post Office on the northeast corner of Dover Center and Center Ridge roads. Brothers James and Calvin Pease also owned the small parcel east of C. Clotz.

  • 2636 Dover Center where Dr. Pease practiced medicine just steps away from 2570 Dover Center Road where he lived in the 1920s. Photo from 1954 Cuyahoga County tax cards.

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