Bay Village City Council rings in the new year

Bay Village City Council, from left: David Tadych, Dwight Clark, Lydia DeGeorge, Peter Winzig, Clerk of Council Joan Kemper, Nancy Stainbrook, Sara Byrnes Maier and Thomas Kelly. Photo by Renee Mahoney

As we all welcome the 2020 New Year, the City Council of Bay Village has been busy, already holding three meetings during the 2020 year. In addition, those Council members elected in November 2019 were sworn into office by Rocky River Municipal Court Judge Brian Hagan on Jan. 1 at the Dwyer Center.

Those re-elected to new Council terms included David Tadych (Ward 1 and Council Vice President), Lydia DeGeorge (Ward 2), Sara Byrnes Maier (Ward 3), Peter Winzig (Ward 4), and Dwight Clark (City Council President). We extend a warm welcome to new Councilman-at-Large Thomas Kelly, who formally begins his four-year term. Councilwoman-at-Large Nancy Stainbrook rounds out the group; she was the only Council member not up for re-election in 2019. City Council works to operate efficiently and transparently, and much of this credit goes to our valued and long-standing Clerk of City Council, Joan Kemper.

As a group, we recently and unanimously approved the city's 2020 Operating and Capital Budgets, which include a variety of important capital projects throughout Bay. Council works closely with the city administration, led by Mayor Paul Koomar, to allocate financial resources to initiatives important to all residents. These include utility and paving work in the Sunset area; playground enhancements to Bradley Park; continued funding of the city's road improvement program; slope stabilization of Rose Hill; procurement of a new finance and payroll system; funding for enhancements to the city's website; newly constructed basketball and pickleball courts at Reese Park; enhancements to walking trails in proximity to Cahoon Creek; conversion of traffic lights to LED technology; and annual, yet vital, funding for service and public safety vehicles, among others.

Council was heavily involved in providing the funding for a number of recently and successfully completed bridge projects throughout the city, including the Columbia Road culvert, Queenswood Bridge and Lake Road bridge (financed primarily by ODOT).

2020 promises to be another busy year for your legislative team, and on many fronts. Along with the administration, we will be overseeing construction of the new library and residential housing project, both located in the center of town. We willingly support work being done on a new zoning overlay project, which is geared to keep Bay Village up to date, while still maintaining the city's charm.

I am pleased with the breadth of talent, skill sets and experience each and every one on City Council brings to the legislative table. We are honored to serve, to do what is in the best interests of all Bay Village residents. We, both individually and a team, strive to perform professionally, efficiently and with great civic pride.

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Volume 12, Issue 2, Posted 9:47 AM, 01.21.2020