Dog and cat share honors as Westlake's cutest pet

Spanky and Owen, Westlake's cutest pets for 2020.

For the first time since the Westlake Historical Society's cutest pet contest began, there was a tie between a dog and a cat. This year’s winners are: Owen, a 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi; and Spanky, a 16-year-old Himalayan cat.

Both of our winners came to one or more of our pet photo sessions; that is how we met them! Money raised at those sessions goes to the Historical Society's outreach and children’s programs. We are delighted to say that both families of our winning pets are now members of the Westlake Historical Society.

Owen is part of the Racevich family and his name is Welsh, meaning ”youth/young warrior.”

Among Owen’s favorite things are his toys – a stuffed cow and a stuffed lamb chop. Corgis are herding dogs, after all. He also likes cooked chicken with his kibble, as well as green apple crunchy treats.

The winning dog joined his family because of their love of books by Tasha Tudor, which feature corgis. Queen Elizabeth II also played a part in this due to her lifelong love of the breed. After some investigation, the decision was made and Owen was welcomed into the home.

A little note for those who believe in legends: An old Welsh tale claims that the steeds of the woodland fairies were thought to be the whimsical, happy faced, sturdy, short legged Corgis. Believers state you can still see the harness marks on the dogs' shoulders.

The winning cat, Spanky, is part of the Griebling family, who has enjoyed Himalayan cats before.

He was originally named Snowball, but that changed to Spanky because he reminded a family member of one of the “Our Gang” comedy characters.

Among his favorite things are his feather stick, as well as being carried and snuggled close to the chest. His owner says he is not picky, any chest will do! He gets along with everyone, and is a very sweet old fellow. He eats only Science Diet II dry food, and is very fond of it.

Spanky became a Griebling because his breed is sweet, social, loves to play, and are very intelligent. He was adopted from Forever Friends Foundation in December 2007, at about 4 years of age. His human mom had passed away, and the Grieblings had just lost their beloved Himalayan, Teddy, a few months earlier.

He has been a great addition to the family, has a great sense of humor, a great personality, and loves to entertain.

If you would like be a judge for the 2021 Cutest Pet contest, please contact us at 216-848-0680. We hope to see both of our winners and their families in the 2020 Memorial Day parade!      


Lysa Stanton

Lysa Stanton is a retired special education teacher and the President of the Westlake Historical Society. She lives in Westlake with her wonderful husband, Dave and her awesome pets.

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