Synchronized ice skater in Bay Village

Paige Thomas holds her first-place medal and team trophy from the Mid-America Competition in Frasier, Michigan.

I am 7-years-old and I am in my second year as part of Ice Storm, a synchronized ice skating club out of the North Olmsted Recreation Center.

Ice Storm has seven teams for girls and boys and one adult team. Synchronized ice skating is when your team does ice skating moves together.

Last year my team's theme was jungle. This year our theme is Inspector Gadget. Our music and costumes go with the theme Inspector Gadget. We have to include a pinwheel, circle, line and intersection.

I am in SS1 and the age level is 5 to 12. Our first competition was at Mentor. We got first place! We were so excited. We were so surprised that we got first place at our first competition. Our team is made of seven new people and four from last year.

Our second competition was in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The competition rink was big like a stadium. There were two practice rinks and we practiced on them. We practiced on Saturday and our competition was on Sunday. After sleeping in the hotel, we got up and went straight to the ice rink. We were against six teams and performed well but we only got second place. 

Our third competition was on Jan. 4 in Frasier, Michigan. There were five teams in our division. We skated well and we came in first! We get to engrave our medals with our names on it and what place we got in. Our last competition is in Mentor in February! 

Did you know that you could trade pins at competitions? We have Ice Storm pins and we find other skaters to trade pins with. In Kalamazoo I got a really big pin from a girl from National Blades in Washington, D.C.! Some pins have moving parts, glitter and I even got one with a fox on it. Synchronized ice skating is so much fun!

Paige Thomas

Paige Thomas is a second grader at Normandy Elementary in Bay Village.

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Volume 12, Issue 2, Posted 9:53 AM, 01.21.2020