Take time to smell the flowers

Yes, we’ve all heard that saying and we all know what it means. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and everything being shut down and canceled, there has never been a better time for each of us to do just that: “take time to smell the flowers.”

Our everyday lives have shifted and slowed down dramatically – whether we wanted them to or not. The COVID-19 pandemic is scary and stressful and there’s nothing that any of us can do but to listen to the experts and stay away from gatherings of people and wash our hands the best we’ve ever done. But none of that means that we need to stay inside!

Walking and exercising outside relieves stress and being outside will not be putting anyone in harm’s way (i.e. it will not spread the virus). Grab a friend or neighbor (remember to keep your social distance greater than normal and no hugs or kisses) and take walks around your neighborhood or better yet get in your car and drive to down to the lake or to the Metroparks  to walk (again, avoid other people as much as possible).

You’re probably asking yourself “But Jenny, what does this have to do with helping the environment?!” Well, my next suggestion is that while you’re outside enjoying life, breathing in the fresh air and smelling the flowers, throw a trash bag in your pocket and pick up trash as you go! I have written before that picking up litter on your street is the same as performing a beach clean-up. How? Because litter on your street easily ends up in the storm drain and those drains empty into Lake Erie. Picking up litter and ensuring it gets put into the garbage is one of the most simple and effective acts we can do to help the earth.

Please use this mandated slow-down of our lives wisely and take time to “smell the flowers” and help the earth. Please stay safe and well everyone! 

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Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 9:45 AM, 03.17.2020