A Bay Village timeline, part 2

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  • 1. Dover Lake Shore Methodist Episcopal Church

    The Methodist Church was founded in Elizabeth Sadler's parlor in June 1827. As more members followed, the worship service was moved to a log cabin school near Lake and Bassett Roads. In 1840, a clapboard, one-room church was built on the corner of Lake and Bassett roads. Eighteen members contributed their skills and monies to the project on land donated by the Sadler family. For the next 90 years this church served the citizens of North Dover/Bay Village.

  • 2. The Red Brick School House

    The first school house was built in 1869 on the south side of Lake Road near Sherman Osborn’s house. All the children from 1st to 9th grades in North Dover/Bay Village were now housed in one building. There was one teacher instructing the children. Over time, as the township grew, another room was added to the back of the building. This building served our town until Parkview School was built in 1922.

  • 3. Lake Shore Electric Railway

    The interurban, with tracks laid through the back yards, did even more to advance life in the township.  The building boom was developed with subdivisions as farmers began to sell parts of their back lands. Handsome homes were seen on acre lots along the shoreline and Dad could now ride to work on a trolley. Summer cottages sprang up all across North Dover as farmers could see revenue coming from the rentals. Our population increased. 

  • 4. Village of Bay

    In 1901, Reuben Osborn II called his neighbors together to discuss North Dover Township separating from South Dover Township. Reuben reminded his fellow neighbors that most of the township revenue came from North Dover. (North Dover having the most population, hence income, to share with the township.) When the new trustees were announced at the recent election it was obvious that the new trustees resided in South Dover. The North Dover citizens voted to separate and the Hamlet of Bay was formed. In 1903, the hamlet incorporated as the Village of Bay. Reuben Osborn II was the first mayor. Our city hall was built in 1914 on land given to the city by the Cahoon sisters. 

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