Westlake Senior Center offers virtual programs

This is a behind-the-scenes picture of the Zoom studio at the Westlake Center for Community Services. Lydia Gadd and Westlake Police Captain Jerry Vogel are seated more than 6 feet apart, while conducting one of our first virtual Programs, Conversations with a Cop.

Although senior centers cancelled activities and closed their doors to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work and provision of services didn't end with the locked doors, they just changed.

One of the changes resulted in the creation of a virtual program schedule of events. The Westlake Senior and Community Services Center would like to invite our local seniors (you do not have to be a Westlake resident) to join us in some of our free programs via Zoom. Instructions on how to utilize Zoom are detailed in our newsletter found at www.cityofwestlake.org/community-services

Recognizing, however, that this unfamiliar territory may sound too intimidating to try without assistance, we have staff Zoom tutors who are more than willing to talk you through the steps over the phone. Call 440-899-3544 for a Zoom tutorial, or to register for the Zoom classes. We send the class invitations out to registered guests only, so that we can monitor who is allowed to enter the virtual program. This is a safety feature.

Here are just some of the offerings in June's calendar of FREE Zoom events. There are some additional offerings in our calendar, such as a trivia night that do have a nominal fee, if you check out our newsletter. Again, the phone number to register is 440-899-3544.

Stay together and stay interested!

LET'S CONNECT: Friday, June 5, 10 a.m.

One of the best things about getting together at the Senior Center is the opportunity to connect with current friends and make new friends. Join us for a good, old-fashioned chat where we can connect and get to know each other. In this program moderated by staffers Jodi and Lydia, we discuss how the past few months have affected us; with a chance to share not just the struggles, but some of the positives as well. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 4.

MEDITATION TO MANAGE STRESS: Thursday, June 4, 1 p.m.

In this class, director Lydia Gadd, who is also a licensed professional clinical counselor will provide background information about how meditation actually works to reduce stress and provide some sampler meditation techniques to practice. This class is perfect for beginners. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 3.

AN ARTFUL STORY: Monday, June 8, 2 p.m. 

Join storyteller Kathy Strawser and artistic director of the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation, Jerry Devis, for an engaging and entertaining hour long art experience. Kathy will share a folktale from Poland with photographs. Jerry will guide you through a hands-on art experience related to the story and the work of artist Marc Chagall. A packet of art materials will be provided for the program, you provide scissors. No experience is necessary! Call to reserve your Zoom spot and pick up a packet by June 5.

NEWS AND VIEWS: Wednesday, June 10, 11 a.m. 

Instructor Janet Carnall will be joining you to discuss current and world events. A likely discussion about trending new topics is sure to take place.  Thank you to Anne Esarove who generously sponsored this program. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 8.

REASONS TO SMILE: Thursdays, June 11 and 25, 1 p.m. 

This is a monthly series focusing on good news around the community, the country and the world. Each session, program planner Jodi Rodriguez will share stories of people and groups making a difference in a positive way, highlighting music, art and more that will definitely give you a reason to smile. Call to reserve your Zoom spot one day in advance.


There is more to colors than just aesthetics, there's an actual science behind how different colors work with your brain and eyes to influence the way you think, feel and behave. The Great Courses are taught by leading college professors across the country. Join program planner Jennifer Yoo as she plays the 30-minute videotaped lecture, and then leads a discussion about what we learned. This last lecture in the series focuses on the competitive and moral contexts of the colors black and white. You do not need to have heard the previous lectures to join. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 12.

MOMENTS WITH THE MAYOR: Thursday, June 18, 10 a.m. 

Westlake's Mayor Dennis Clough will be on hand to discuss how the city is doing during the pandemic as well as what is happening around town.  He will also answer your questions. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 16.


This fun and easy craft is done using coffee filters and pipe cleaners. Craft instructor Debbie Wang will demonstrate different ways to make your flower a "one of a kind" beauty.  Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 15. Material kits may be picked up at the center before June 17.

REMEMBER WHEN: Tuesday, June 23, 11 a.m.

This month, staffers Michele Hassen and Jodi Rodriguez will lead the group on a memory you wish to share. Show us a picture or an item from your home and tell us the story. We would love to know more about you! Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 22.


Listen to this taped TED Talk, followed by a discussion facilitated by director Lydia Gadd. The focus of this talk is less about the Holocaust and more about how a simple act of kindness can inspire and impact your life forever. You will have an opportunity to share and hear your own examples of how simple acts of kindness entered your heart and changed your life. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 22.


The circumstances we are currently living in has created new stress in every aspect of life. For some, relationship stress may be even more pronounced. Learn about common communication pitfalls that contribute to relationship stress, as well as tips on assertive communication and healthy boundaries. Call to reserve your Zoom spot by June 28.

SENIORS STRONG SESSIONS BY PHONE: Wednesdays in June, 10 a.m.

If you are still not convinced that you want to try a Zoom program, we also have a teleconferencing option – all you need is a telephone and it doesn’t even have to be a smart one!  Presented by Bob Piovarchy from the Far West Center, Seniors Strong is a four-part mental health information series by telephone to discuss ways to understand and manage one’s emotional and mental health. The phone conferences will hold up to 12 participants.

June’s topics include:

  • June 3: Understanding Mental Health
  • June 10: Managing Loneliness and Suicide Awareness
  • June 17: Understanding Trauma’s Impact
  • June 24: Wellness Coping Strategies

Call to 440-899-3544 to reserve your spot and receive instructions for phoning in.

Lydia Gadd

I am the Director of the Senior and Community Services Department for the City of Westlake. I am also a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

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