Meadowood Golf Course offering 5-hole loop

Golfers with busy schedules can play a “5-hole loop” at Meadowood Golf Course and take advantage of various alternatives to playing a full nine holes.

Players also may choose to play the loop only, add a loop onto a 9-hole round or take two trips around the loop.

The loop consists of five holes on the Yellow Course – holes 1/2/5 (Par 4) and holes 3/4 (Par 3). More tee-time and pricing information is available at

Pricing information:

Loop only: $7; Loop twice: $10

9 holes + loop : $15.50 weekdays, $17.50 weekend

9 holes + loop + riding cart: $21.50 weekdays, $23.50 weekends.

Robert Rozboril

I handle Public Relations matters and website content for the City of Westlake.

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Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 9:54 AM, 06.16.2020