Shine bright, little Peanut

Mommy, Logan and Dillon with Peanut.

I am heartbroken to share that our beautiful little Peanut, our rescue poodle that had taken shelter in a small hole within the rock wall of Porter Creek, passed away on June 6. She passed while sleeping in bed with me curled around her and her family by her side. She was prescribed pain medication the morning before and it carried her through the night without pain, which is what we had wanted for her.

Driving home from Peanut’s service on Wednesday, we had gone through what seemed to me one of the worst storms. Once getting back into Bay Village, the storm calmed and we were greeted by a double rainbow. Peanut’s favorite song is "Rainbow Connection." I would hum it to her to help her get to sleep and it always brought her peace. This song means so much more to us now.

Sept. 28 marks the day that she found a home with us in 2012, and is also the same day we honor our brother, Steven, whom since has passed now 30 years ago. My younger brother, Logan, and I were walking our white poodle, Fluffy, down Porter Creek Drive that day. We wanted to skip stones under the bridge, and instead found Peanut. She was all curled into a ball, wedged tightly inside a hole within the wall of the creek. Three days later the creek completely flooded and overflowed with water because of a storm.

I want to thank once again my community for donating over $3,000 for little Peanut to have a dental surgery the year we found her. She lived a long, happy life with a beautiful smile thanks to her friends. She loves you.

Peanut, was an inspiration and a fighter to us all, showing us to never give up. And she never did. She was our greatest buddy, and we love her forever eternal.

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Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 9:47 AM, 06.16.2020