Westlake Garden Club and the pandemic

No one was prepared for everything to shut down in March, but then, how does one prepare for a global pandemic? Life as we know it came to a screeching halt and we were advised to stay home.

We learned new terms like “shelter in place” and “social distancing.” We could not go to work, children could not go to school, we could not meet with friends or socialize in any way. That was a big order for humans who are wired to be social.

One thing in my life that was affected is the Westlake Garden Club where I have been a member for 12 years. We start our year the third Wednesday of March, but not this year. The many exciting programs and speakers scheduled for this year had to be cancelled. The yearbook could not be distributed at the first meeting, so during that third week of March, several board members met in the parking lot of the closed library, everyone took a supply of yearbooks and dropped off at members’ homes.

Our wonderful monthly newsletter is keeping members connected with entertaining stories of how individuals are spending their time. Members continue to work in their gardens, or some have a spot at the Community Garden. We planted our Hilliard Boulevard flower box and several members were judges for Westlake in Bloom. The board has Zoom meetings and a committee will meet in the garden of our president in September, masks and social distancing required.

I have spoken to friends who are members of other garden clubs and they are doing the same things, trying to stay connected. Unfortunately, fundraising luncheons, plant sales and garden tours have been cancelled for this year.

I am sure everyone has had this thought during the past six months: “Will things ever get better and life return to normal?” We hope the answer is yes.

In the meantime, I hope you are staying connected with family and friends through phone calls, emails, text messages, letters/cards, or an occasional in-person visit with masks and social distancing. The Westlake Garden Club will become active again as soon as the risks of this virus are under control and will once again provide educational and stimulating programs for members. Until life returns to some degree of normalcy, please stay safe, stay well, and stay connected.

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Volume 12, Issue 17, Posted 9:32 AM, 09.01.2020