Bay Village continues forward with public improvements

This 2020 year has been one for the ages, considering all we’ve experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic and the many changes required in our daily routines. Work at the City of Bay Village is no exception, as City Administration and City Council have adapted to the realities of this changing health landscape. 

Leadership has worked tirelessly to protect the health of our employees and residents, while the Administration and Council have adapted ways to run meetings remotely and efficiently, with safety as the No. 1 priority.

City leadership continues to make good on its promise to deliver positive changes to our residents on many different fronts. This includes work completed, currently underway and/or on the drawing board through a variety of capital improvement projects. 

Over the past 18 months, our City pledged a commitment to enhance many physical attributes in town, to enhance the following: 1.) local connectivity and access; 2.) the quality of roads, bridges and infrastructure; and 3.) improved recreational facilities and municipal buildings. City Council continues to strongly endorse the Administration’s go-forward plan to improve these elements through approval of a comprehensive and aggressive city-wide capital improvement plan.

Since spring 2019, Mayor Paul Koomar, Service Director Jon Liskovec and their respective teams, supported by Bay Village City Council, have collectively initiated, successfully completed or are in the process of finishing many public improvement additions to our fine city. To name a few, these include:

  • New tennis, pickleball and basketball courts at Reese Park;
  • Playground improvements and new equipment at Bradley Park;
  • Significant renovations at the Dwyer Senior Center; a slope stabilization project at Rose Hill, coupled with internal building improvements;
  • Transformative physical upgrades to the Community House, which now houses our Recreation Department;
  • Completion of the Lake Road and Queenswood bridge projects; installation of the new Columbia Road culvert with bridge/grading/paving components;
  • A new and state-of-the-art pump installation at the Huntington Lift Station;
  • Conversion of all city traffic signals to LED technology;
  • Reconstruction of the transfer ramp at the Service Garage;
  • A long-awaited utility and street pavement improvement project in the Sunset Drive area;
  • Addition of Zoom technology in City Council chambers for Council and Commission meetings;
  • Installation of pedestrian crossing lights on Lake Road at both Cahoon Park and Columbia Road intersections;
  • Engineering now underway for a bridge to span Cahoon Creek to connect sections of Cahoon Park, and for replacement of the Ashton Road bridge;
  • Grading and paving of two new trails (the Cahoon Basin Trail and Cahoon Walking Trail connecting Cahoon Park to Bay Point); and
  • Numerous street paving projects throughout various areas of the city.

More positive, visible improvements are now planned and scheduled to take place in the foreseeable future. Ground has been broken and construction is underway for new attached residential housing at Bay Creek, in partnership with Liberty Development. Substantial renovations to the Knickerbocker Apartments should be completed by this year’s end. Construction of the new Bay Village library is anticipated in 2021. Currently in process one can see restroom, food service and grounds improvements at Huntington Reservation. Finally, there’s the Bay Point lake access improvement initiative, currently in the planning stages.

As a team, we’ll continue to collaborate and look for ways to improve the quality of life and safety for our residents and those guests who visit Bay Village. Our future plans continue to take shape, and know city leaders will ensure a balanced commitment to reviewing and refining what is best for the public over time.

In closing, each of us remains individually committed to being strong stewards of the city’s financial resources, taking every opportunity to enhance our community’s physical stock and increase its visible appeal, all while maintaining the beauty and quality of life in Bay Village.

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Volume 12, Issue 19, Posted 9:50 AM, 10.06.2020